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About McNamee Angus Ranch

Family is pictured at right.

The following is the story of the McNamee Angus Ranch, as told by Jack McNamee.

The McNamee Family
Claire, Jack, Jean, and Sarah

We are a family owned and operated outfit.  I have been involved in ranching and livestock all my life, but our registered herd was started in 1987.  We currently run between 250-300 mother cows, as well as 400-500 yearling steers, and we breed 100-150 yearling heifers annually, on around 23,000 acres.  2016 will mark the 28th year that we have sold bulls.

Our philosophy is simple... Produce as many saleable pounds of livestock off this ranch for the least amount of input costs. But… as Sewell Wright said in his 1920s book, The Principles of Breeding Livestock,  “The principles of breeding livestock are exceedingly simple. The difficulty lies not so much in knowing the principles as applying them.”

We manage our cattle about the same as any area commercial producer would.  We have no choice with our limited hay production on this ranch.  Our cattle are expected to graze, at some level, year round, regardless of the winter.  We feed supplement in one form or another, depending on the winter and the amount of grazing available, but we have never had a winter where our cattle weren’t expected to graze some, every day.

We range calve everything but our heifers, and we have for years.  Calves are raised on grass and their mother's milk.

We turn out multiple sires in each pasture and then DNA every calf for parentage. We do not AI any cows, and we do not run any single sire breeding units. What does this mean to you? Plenty. #1, the bulls we sell are out of breeders. Bulls like Jauanada Lad 8 W who have sired close to 100 calves in just two years. #2, the bulls we sell are structurally sound enough to survive in the same type of breeding environment that they will be used in when they get to your ranch. Competing with other bulls and breeding in six section pastures is a lot different than one bull breeding by himself in a small pasture. I know of no other breeder that is selling bulls today that can offer this to you, and I believe it has tremendous value to any commercial producer. 

Our breeding program is our version of genetics we have bought from Horse Butte Ranch, Cole Creek Angus Ranch, and the Wye Plantation, of late. I say "our version" because I hate to read ads ran by people that name drop as a marketing tool.  It’s almost to say that since I use genetics from this ranch or that ranch, they have endorsed my breeding program and that my bulls are really the same as theirs.  Nothing could be further from the truth. I have the greatest respect for these breeders, and I’ve used their genetics for what they can bring to our herd, but once we’ve bred them to our cow herd and raised them under our management they are ours, good or bad, right or wrong.

We have an active flush and trade program with Horse Butte Ranch, where we are able to test these different genetics, both here and in Two Dot.  Dennis and Erica Voss are very good friends that we keep a genetic dialog going with where we are able to share and trade genetics between the two ranches.